Your Favorite Treat in Town

Santa Clarita’s freshest, hand-crafted churros. Fresh from our store, or straight to your door.

Welcome to Fresh Churro Bar

From the Spanish Churro of the 19th century, to the texture, infusion and savor of today’s Churros, Chocolate, Coffee and Horchata @ Fresh XRO Bar you will find the flavors and traditions of our ancestors in every bite and sip of our handcrafted treats.

The Menu

Fresh ingredients are the key to any good meal. Our menu is made fresh with quality ingredients. Our churros are made with no dairy, no eggs, no preservatives and no trans fat. Our signature drinks are made with no syrups, no powders and no concentrates to offer you the perfect treat.

Delivery & Orders

Enjoy XRO flavor’s everywhere with our delivery options! Remember you can also make a special order for one of our churro boxes to sweeten your celebrations or just share with your loved ones.


If you’re a XRO lover and want to share it with a whole bunch of friends, family, customers, or coworkers we have the perfect solution.

We do everything from small private parties to weddings or large company meetups.

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